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Presenting the certificates to listeners refresher course and social inclusion under the “UKRAINE-NORWAY”

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Presenting the certificates to listeners refresher course and social inclusion under the “UKRAINE-NORWAY”

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December 13 in the walls of the CNU them. Peter Graves ceremony of awarding certificates to listeners of courses for retraining and resettlement and their families. Studies carried out in the framework of the “Ukraine-Norway”, performed at the CNU them. Peter Graves Educational and Research Institute of Continuing Education.

Courses started on September 7, 2016. During evening classes, students studied the specialty “Practical Web Design: design, creation and maintenance of a Web site.”

Participants during his training worked on the development and maintenance of websites of utility companies Nikolaev.

With the completion of training course participants welcomed the director of the research institute of postgraduate education Anna Nord. Also invited to join graduate courses and other projects that will be implemented at the University. Among them: a program IOM to create their own business and work Kovorkinhovomu center, created on the basis of the CNU them. Peter Graves.

Graduates and congratulated the Ambassador of Norway Mr. Ole T. Horpestad. Personally, visit the ceremony Ambassador could not, but recorded a video message to the participants. Mr Ole T. Horpestad said:

“For Norway, Ukraine is an important partner. Since the beginning of the Revolution Advantages Norway supports Ukraine. We do this because we believe that the choice of Ukraine towards European and Atlantic integration – an important step, which we support. Stability and prosperity in Ukraine is important to Europe. ”

Project participants also welcomed the President of the International Foundation for Social Adaptation Vladimir Rubtsov, Head of Social Policy Department of Social and Humanitarian Policy of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Serhiy Kucherenko and Advisor to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine on social and humanitarian policy, IFAS Board member Alexander Sasko.

Overall, the project “Ukraine-Norway” consists of several parts and is implemented in Ukraine with the assistance of the International Foundation for Social Adaptation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway and the international alliance of universities, which includes the Norwegian University of North 12 and Ukrainian universities.

The curator of the “Ukraine-Norway” from the International Foundation for Social Adaptation Nikolaev is a charitable organization “Conversion of military personnel.” Part of the training project provides students ChNU them. Peter Graves for different specialties. Another part of the project of social and psychological adaptation, psychological rehabilitation and job retraining in the performing partner organization the CNU them. Peter Graves charity “Conversion of military personnel.”

For more information on cooperation and training of military personnel should be addressed at:. Mykolaiv, str. 68 Marines, 10, office. 5-103, tel. (0512) 76 55 59.

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